Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Weight of the World

I had a conversation with God yesterday. Something I have not done in a long time. Actually converse. We talked about the usual stuff: how I am...what is new.

Then I asked Him a very important question: How do you do it? Carry the weight of the world, day in and day out?

I understand that this is God, the Creator of the Universe, and with Him all things are possible. Yet, I had had this moment yesterday in which it felt like I was carrying the weight of the hurt of two of my co-workers, albeit brief, but I was carrying it and it was heavy. And it hurt. And I was confused. I wanted to know how He does it? This was the weight of two people, two choices...not the world.

To explain, I had a conversation yesterday afternoon about the concept of "sex buddies" and the current exploits of a few of my co-workers. (For the record, these conversations do not come about all that often, especially with the token "Catholic Girl," and I have to admit, I was somewhat astonished that I was being brought into the conversation at all.) For those of you who may not understand this concept, this is a person who is simply called, sex occurs, and then both parties go on their merry ways. Sounds great, eh??

The thought of this, the desecration of the dignity that occurs through these exchanges, the lack of reverence for the gift...it floored me. Call me naive, but through the Grace of God I could not even fathom the thought of a "sex buddy."

It occured to me, though, that my place should not be one of judgement, or shock, but simply one of sorrowful understanding. After all, these choices are being made by my very brothers and sisters in Christ, and they too are made in His image and likeness. They are good people, who do not understand the weight of their choices.

Yet, on Easter Monday, are we not a redeemed people living in the Resurrection? Why do these things occur in a redeemed world?

I have to remind myself that these are choices that are made from a fallen perspective, in a very fallen world. I have to remember that he died so that all may have life with Him, not in this world but the next. And it is our call, our song, to go out and proclaim the Good News to all those who will listen. We need to dine with tax collectors, sinners, and sex buddies, and find ourselves deep in the trenches doing the work that He calls us to do for His Glory.

May God help us all, to live and love like He does. May we be the light in a darkened world and see that carrying a a little extra weight on our backs is for the Glory of His Kingdom. It is one of the Greatest Graces we could ever receive.

Bring it!