Tuesday, March 3, 2009


My husband is my best friend. 

God placed him in my life to make me more, better. I know that. He allows me to see myself in all my beauty, but calls me into my own humanness. That takes a real man, baby. Yet, I know that he is not what makes me complete in this world. This has been a reality that the Lord graciously allowed us to understand prior to our "I dos."

Thus, I find myself often searching for that completeness- high, low, over, under...searching to be fulfilled. And it is through that search that I know that my heavenly cell phone is ringing "What if God were one of us?" Jesus calling. It is time to fall on my knees. 

A simple call, a simple feeling of needing something more; He nudges, not screams or shouts orders. God has been so good to me in that way. However, in His ndging I know that I will not feel fulfilled until I CHOOSE to fall back down and devote all of my very being to His Ultimate Divinity. And it's the choice that's difficult. Sometimes I feel like I could use a little Divine Boot Camp to get my spiritual boot-tay back in gear.

And therein lies the beauty. God knows each and every one of our hearts so well, so intimately, that He can see into our very desire for fulfillment and still take that desire and purify through an act of our own will. We simply have to do it. 

It's not that I do want to...so what's the hold up? I will keep you posted.